Friday, January 21, 2005

The latest way you can tell I am out of it

I've been participating in a usenet group,, for over eight years. AF is supposedly devoted to the subject of Fashion-with-a-capital-F, but it has evolved into a freeflowing discussion of more mundane matters such as what so-and-so wore to the Academy Awards, which long-lasting drugstore-brand lipstick is best, and whether ponchos and/or Uggs are So Totally Over.

I've been reading AF long enough to have it become my primary source for information on celebrities and their style. Or the lack thereof. For example, I know all about "the Rachel," not because I've ever watched Friends, but because of the discussions of Jennifer Aniston's appearance that I've read on AF. Ditto Sex and the City. In fact, AF has become my own private Sargasso sea of style-related trivia. I pretty much refuse to watch television, but I learn everything I need to know there.

Yesterday, in yet another attempt to waste time on the internet, I checked the posts and saw one headed "What color were Laura's shoes?"

Well, I skipped this entire thread and read a bunch of other stuff, because who cares about some random soap opera star's shoes? I mean, even when I'm wasting time, I'm not going to read every single post if I have no idea who this "Laura" person is. I realize that my attempts to waste time on the internet are hampered by my inability to waste time watching television, but that's just the way it is, people. I have my limits. Call me stubborn, but I'm not going to start watching soaps just to gratify your every whim. When it comes to wasting time, I have my priorities.

I swear, it took me about 20 minutes to realize they were referring to Laura Bush.

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