Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Did you miss me?

OK, I survived the Cub Scout Pack Night. My guys did fine. It's over. Thank GOD.

In fact, it was over last night at about 9:00. And at that point, I'd have liked to swim laps through a wading pool full of martinis. But they're not in season.

Instead, I drank a glass of wine and watched teevee.

See, it was Monday night and my favorite teevee show, "How Clean is Your House?" was on. Last night's episode was pretty good. But only pretty good. It's only half way through their first season, and I'm wondering whether they're starting to slip.

I mean, there was a truly distressing lack of vermin. Call me picky, but I've gotten used to infestations of mice--or at least cockroaches. A drag queen with an incontinent 20-year-old poodle--while inherently somewhat amusing, I admit--is not the same thing, people, and you're not fooling anyone.

Then today I whipped off a bunch of overdue correspondence and cleared the accumulated piles o' crap out of my bedroom and did more Den Mother shite because Lord knows there's no point in giving her a day off, right?

And I did a bit of research into the raw material--I use the term advisedly--for my other blog, in which I skewer (food pun) bad recipes. I'm still too tired to actually try to post anything there, but don't worry; I found some real stinkers in a couple of my cookbooks. I mean, not to blow my own horn, but I believe I've discovered a rich vein of humor which I plan to strip-mine ruthlessly, and to hell with the environment! Well, OK, I think I've found a decent-sized nugget or two. Actually, it's probably only fool's gold. Whatever.

At any rate, < Ahnuld > I'll be back. < /Ahnuld >

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