Friday, April 29, 2005

Parental Warning Advisory

People--in particular Badger and Joke:

This morning when I was in the shower (where I do what passes for Deep Thinking) I was struck by a horrifying realization. That idiotic popular music meme--the one where you thought the punk and ska offerings were on the slim side? Ska shma. Punk shmunk. It gets far, far worse.

Because what about the mainstream stuff that even people like me have heard of?

For instance. This test includes a category for "80s Alternative." Also "80s Pop." Also "Classic Rock." Yet the list of artists doesn't include Elvis Costello--either with or without the Attractions.

Or Talking Heads.

Or--and this is simply mind-boggling, if you ask me--The Rolling Stones.

I mean, is it possible to include a "classic rock" category--and leave out the Stones?

So now my question is this: Shouldn't it be against the law for someone younger than the Olson Twins, and apparently blessed with the IQ of Barney the Purple Public Television Dinosaur to even express an opinion, let alone publish idiotic tests? I mean, I'm all for freedom of speech, but this dweeb is clearly not fit to unlatch my sandals (even if I do buy them at Tarjay.) Yet this moron sees fit to waste the time of his or her betters by concocting a test that reveals only the appalling levels of ignorance currently wreaking havoc on the internet?

It sort of reminds me of an anecdote I heard--the one where the 13 year old asked her mother what was the name of the group that Paul McCartney was in before Wings. Well, I think that 13 year old has probably grown up now and might even be paying a mortgage like real people, but her evil clone is apparently still running amok.

How much do you bet this idiot's parents have the internet connection screened against incoming spam for "pron," "Viiiiiiagra," and the encroachments of so-called "shy neighbor girls." When what they really need to do is protect us, the innocent public, from the stuff that is being disseminated from their computer to the internet.

I see a red meme and I want it painted black.


  1. say nothing of the spelling catastrophes which await test-takers every third entry.


  2. Codeine? No way. Me and my good buddy Rush use Vicodin.*

    And Joke: you forgot the cruel and abusive punctuation.


    *Just kidding about the buddy thing. But I was ranting, and for some reason, it makes me think about Rush Limbaugh (sp?).


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