Sunday, May 22, 2005

Envy me

The Face and The Voice
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... for I have had actual speech with the Badger.

Not only does this bring my number of RL encounters with Internet Types to a new high, it allows me to out Miss Pottymouth as having a cute little girlish soprano speaking voice, and not the dirty-martini-tinged basso profundo you might have expected.

No, in that particular telephone duet, due to my still-recovering-from-last weekend's-reunion status, I was the basso. So Badger, go ahead and tell the world that I sounded way manly--it's cool.

(But because I believe in being scrupulously honest, I will take this opportunity to mention something that Badger really should know; I, who am on record as looking like Julia Roberts, was actually being dubbed by Julia's co-star, Nick Nolte.)



  1. Hahahahaaa! Soprano?! AM NOT. Maybe compared to YOU, though.

    I was not thinking Nick Nolte so much as Kathleen Turner on speed, with maybe a little Barbara Jordan thrown in for good measure. But I will defer to Joke, who has cornered the market on IRL Poppy Interaction and who I'm sure has come up with an elaborate and accurate comparison complete with flow charts and whatnot.

    It was swell talking to you, though, even if you did sound like you were on an unfiltered menthol bender! (kidding! just kididng!)

  2. I'm sorta blanking on Poppy's speaking voice. Her singing voice is ringing mezzo, but try as I might recall her speech, all I can muster, memory-wise, is a pealing laughter.

    That's probably why she's my pal.


    P.S. I hope that Poppy didn't sound like Lucille Ball on her last days.


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