Thursday, June 09, 2005

In which I confess to having been in a fix

First of all, I hope you're all enjoying my extremely kewl new skin.

You know, usually I can resist spending money on frivolous extras.

Well, OK, maybe not.

Confession time; I am the easiest possible prey for the malevolent marketers of the Impulse Purchase. Little weird fatty Ice Cube chocolates at the check out line at Walgreen's? Check. Buy-it-now items on eBay? Check. Well, now I can add "things you pay for with PayPal" to that list.

I'm putty in their evil, scheming mitts. Especially when the item in question is truly stylish. Or extremely well-designed. Or it involves cartoon characters--and even better when they're from the silent screen. Or all of the above.

So, sadly enough, for me to see a Felix the Cat skin and buy it via PayPal was the work of an instant.

I suppose my next impulse item will be a Gertie the Dinosaur Hermes scarf, which will satisfy all my criteria and will, no doubt, push my buttons like an elevator operator.

But let us speak of the here and now, shall we? You might be wondering where the hell I've been. Well, if you keep up with Joke (and you should) you'll have heard that I recently bought a new car. A 2003 VW Passat AWD wagon.

Confession time again: with one stroke I've become a car lover. All it took was a halfway decent set of wheels, which to date, I'd never owned. But now--moon roof! leather upholstery! CD player! Power everything! Walnut-trimmed dash! CUPHOLDERS!

All I can say is at least the car wasn't an impulse item. And I didn't buy it from eBay or pay for it via PayPal. At least I have that much going for me.

So anyway, for a while I was wheel-less. On top of that, both of my computers were moribund. Well, the laptop is as dead as Marley's Ghost, but the desktop is acting more like Badger's microwave.

But at least I could bring the dead laptop to the Apple store in my NICE NEW CAR.

And now I'm going to see whether my neighbors like me more now that I'm not driving a beater.

And if that doesn't work, I'll show them my kewl blog skin.



  1. Um, I heard TWO new cars and a second home --
    yer givin me a run for the it were.

  2. Where does one pick up a snazzy new skin?

  3. Blackbird, that's just one car but three homes. Which makes no sense whatsoever, so I can see why you got confused.

    Joke, check the button way down at the bottom of the left hand column where it says "Web Divas" and there you will find the source of my ultra cool Felix the Cat bag of tricks.


  4. Thanks...seems the divas are bit, y'know, chick-centric and as big a fan as I may be of chicks, I fail to aspire to join their ranks.

  5. Do you read the comic strip For Better or Worse? Ellie is looking for a new car and her requirements are the right shade of blue, a large cup holder and that it fit nicely into a mall parking space. I am sure the Passat meets or exceeds the criteria.

  6. Wait, you got a new skin? I didn't even notice! Of course, that could be the fried retina-induced blindness talking.

    Er, no, I like it! Really! It's ... contrasty!


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