Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Is it "Mowgli" or "Fugly?"

Today I thought I'd practice riding Stampy the Sienna (i.e., my new minivan) so I took it out on some errands.

Now, these errands were definitely not glamorous, and I was definitely dressed down, but still. I swear, when I got behind the wheel of that thing, I could feel what's left of my sex appeal evaporating like pool water in Vegas.

So excuse me, but I have to go do affirmations in the bathroom mirror right now. Or put on some makeup. Or something.


p.s. I think the term I'm trying to coin here is "Momgly."


  1. Hey. HEY! Like you're really all that sexy driving around in a 20-year-old beater? My smokin' hot minivan is sex on wheels, I'll have you know -- shiny burgundy red with champagne trim and leather seats -- and so am I. When I'm driving it, I mean. And even when I'm not, for that matter, dammit!

  2. Badge,

    There really ought be a meme regarding what one's choice in minivan (color, options, seating, etc.) says about one's romantic characteristics.


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