Friday, July 29, 2005

My Porch

OK, so it's Friday and we're playing Show and Tell. Badger picked the topic, and today, we're supposed to be showing off our porches.

What do you think? I know it's not actually a porch per se, but it serves a porch-like function, because it's where we hang out and drink a glass of something cool and refreshing, and say hey to the neighbors and get in some necking when we think they're not looking . The usual stuff.


p.s. OK, I lied. I actually took pictures of my porch, but we're away for the weekend and my husband forgot to pack the cable to attach the camera to my laptop. He realizes it's his fault I look like a goober* and he'd like me to convey his deepest apologies.**

* This time, anyway.
** He also feels bad that he hasn't provided me with anyplace nearly this nice to hang out on a summer evening. I'M KIDDING.


  1. I smell a rat! Tell TSMYM that his girlfriend also "forgot" the wire thingy that attaches the camera to THIS computer so the world will have to wait until 8/3/05 to see our SoCal pix.

    Coincidence, I think not.


  2. hmmmm....

    first, I will mention that while your page was loading, the photo and the word Badger were the only things visible. This was almost funnier than the actually post as I assumed you were posting pictures of OTHER PEOPLES front porches.

    second, or "B" as we say here -
    I know the problem, for you, was that you have three or four front porches and could not choose. but the husband/cable story works.

  3. ummmm...are you poking fun at my front porch??


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