Saturday, July 09, 2005

There's a lesson in this

Normally I am not wont to read between the lines, look for dark meanings, or harbor conspiracy theories. However, even the dullest amongst us can't help but realize that if you write a blog entry describing why you like living where you do, and the next day, a hurricane strikes your neighborhood and you lose power and probably, the roof of your house, hubris has got you by the short hairs.

I don't know how savvy hubris is about the internet, and whether hubris knows about clicking the links on a pal's blog, but I'm not taking any chances.

I was going to mention how much I'm enjoying the view of Lake Michigan from my living room, and how it's such a gorgeous shade of blue today, and how pretty the sailboats look.

Or how much fun That Studmuffin I Married and I had at the annual Lincoln Park Zoo Ball last night, drinking and dancing and wandering in our black-tie regalia through the big cat exhibit--especially the lionness asleep on her back with her big feet up in the air and her entire belly exposed like a kitten wanting to have its tummy rubbed.

And how miraculous it was that considering the size of the cocktails and the variety of wines with the Wolfgang Puck-catered dinner and the nightcap we had on our way home in the little French restaurant in our building that I did not have a hangover this morning.

And how much I'm looking forward to a pal's birthday bash tonight, because she throws a hell of a party, and their condo has a fantastic long balcony which is so lovely on a summer night.

And that I'm really looking forward to going swimming in our rooftop pool this afternoon.

But I figure if I say all that:

1. My building will implode;
2. My picture will appear in Skyline looking really fat and unphotogenic, with my mouth so wide open that my uvula shows--the caption saying something like "Hippopotamus Enjoys Annual Zoo Ball";
3. I'll be hungover tomorrow, or worse yet on some random day when I haven't had anything to drink the night before;
4. I'll be stuck with the world's biggest bore at the birthday bash, at least one fight will break out, and the balcony will fall off the building;
5. And first, I'll drown in the rooftop pool.



  1. I know hubris breed nemesis. Still, one has to wonder how a hurricane can miss one's city by 180 miles and it issues only one stray gust of wind which knocks down ONE tree which in turn knocks out power for going on 28 hours.

    And, I have missed a most excellent birthday party tonight.


  2. Duh, Joke. It was the blog entry. The gods hate that kind of thing and they punish you. (By the way, I am not referring to the God we believe in--I'm talking about other gods. Ours is busy being transcendent and omnipotent, but those petty little gods have a lot of free time, and they get up to no good.)

    Under the circumstances I would advise you not to brag about your new car, should it ever actually show up.

    And don't fret about the excellent birthday party you missed. I went to one for you. That's the kind of pal I am.


  3. Thanks for your sacrifice. Did I enjoy myself?


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