Thursday, July 28, 2005

What I'm drinking this summer.

This wasn't really supposed to be a meme, but I stole this from Kiki, so now I guess it is one:

1. Mojitos. For a while I was using those cute little Key Limes, but regular will do fine. Delicious, cheap, and powerful.

2. When in suitably chilly air-conditioned environs, a Perfect Manhattan Straight Up.

3. When I can get one, a Mai Tai.

4. Vermouth Cassis, with lots of soda and a wedge of lemon in a tall glass.

4. Cuvée Harmonie Muscadet Sevre et Maine Appelation Controlée blah blah blah 2003. Lightly fruity but crisp and refreshing.

5. Once in a while, some beer. Sam Adams or Harp or maybe Amstel Light.

6. PG Tips tea with 2 percent milk and Splenda.

7. The same tea iced with lemon and/or mint and Splenda.

8. When on the road, Diet Coke, preferably fountain, with tons of ice.



  1. 1. ginandtonic - I suppose I should say Tanq and tonic. And I also suppose I should consult someone as to the options of better gin.

    2. Sancerre - chilled colder than my crappy Viking can really chill it.

    3. Corona - with lime if it's in the house.

    4. Ito En Green Tea with Jasmine or Rose Petals.

    5. Ribena with seltzer, or gin.

  2. 1. Pimm's Cup
    2. Snapple diet mint green tea
    3. diet dr.pepper
    4. the hibiscus tea at Big Bowl (they also have a hibiscus ginger ale i am dying to try


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