Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Good. And the Completely Moronic.

So the White Sox are up by one run, top of the ninth inning, very close to winning the pennant. And I can't find the game on television. OK, I don't usually watch White Sox baseball. But right now, I'm watching a Chicago Bears player being interviewed about today's football game. Blah blah blah blah, then they cut to an update on the National Hockey League. Where's ESPN or Fox? I can't find the game!

High speed wireless internet, digital cable, three televisions, three computers--and I have to go find an AM radio to hear some play by play. Honestly. I'm probably going to end up sitting in my car to hear it.

Listen up, you retards. The White Sox are about to beat the Angels in Anaheim. This is almost the World Series and no one's talking baseball. It just sucks! This game should be on about four channels. Come on! It's October. Who cares about football? Or hockey???

Definitely not


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