Monday, October 10, 2005

Shabby but not chic.

The front of the house
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This is where we spent Columbus Day weekend (geeze, relax, Badger, will ya? It's named for the city in Ohio, OK?)

The picture was taken during a rare moment when it wasn't raining. It poured buckets on Saturday ... and once again, I am not exaggerating for humorous effect. I was running around all day in flip flops, figuring that at least I wouldn't ruin my leather shoes by stepping right smack into the six inch-puddles that were appearing everywhere I looked.

Also, the Red Sox lost three games to the Chicago White Sox. Which sucks more than anything I ever sucked. So I did the only things I could do under the circumstances--drank heavily when I could, and at other times, bought Red Sox stuff. So I now have two of those magnets to stick on my cars, and two baseball caps: a black one with an orange "B" on it for Halloween wear, and a green one with a red "B" on it for the Christmas season.

And no, I'm still not exaggerating for humorous effect. See what I mean about not being chic?


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  1. It looks SO DAMNED Thanksgiving-ish that it makes me want to drive up right now with roasting rack and handfuls of fresh sage and sacks of pecans.

    -J., whose favorite holiday, bar none, is Thanksgiving.


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