Sunday, October 30, 2005

Two days late and a dollar short.

As promised (or threatened) elsewhere (and I can't remember where) I'm finally uploading a show-and-tell Friday picture. Because for once I had the subject and the camera AND the laptop--all in one place and all in working order.

Blackbird has requested it, so voila--la toile-a-rama:

Believe it or not, an actual red-blooded heterosexual American man sleeps there with me at night. In fact, he's sleeping there right now.

And that's what I should be doing, so ... bye!



  1. Good lord, you weren't kidding when you said it was a toile-a-rama.

    I've just put another toile pic up ;)

    (Thanks for stopping by my blog!)

  2. it's toile-a-rif-fic!
    how kind of you to play...and of him to sleep there.

  3. HA! He's only able to sleep in all that frou frou because he's narcoleptic.

    I tell everyone my interior decorating aesthetic is "Eva Gabor on steroids." Our first apartment was very Prairie school--lots of dark wood, massive manly fireplace, etc., so I tried to fluff things up with some flowered prints.

    It has clearly gotten out of hand. People should be able to tell that a man lives here. So I'm thinking of hanging a moose head over the living room fireplace. And a keg of beer in the corner. And a dart board. You know--frat things up a bit.


  4. Just stick a St. Pauli Girl poster in amidst the toile and be done with it.


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