Thursday, November 03, 2005

FEED ... ME ...

All of you people in my blogroll--what the hell is going on out there? Do you live to frustrate me or something? Why this dearth of new posts? OK, so I'm a wee bit obsessed with blogging at the moment, because HALLOWEEN IS OVER and I'm not decorating, cooking, and providing costumes for the entire known world.

So get a grip, people. It's November 3rd. Can we move on? You've carved the pumpkins, taken the pictures, and eaten the candy--or if you haven't, you can email me and I'll tell you where to send the CARE package.

So come on. Give. me. something. new. to. read. NOW.

I ask you. Why is badger still going on about Halloween? It's November now. How drunk could she possibly have gotten that she hasn't posted anything since October 31st?

C'mon, Badger. At the very least, post a hilariously funny entry about your crippling hangover.



  1. Ha! I'm not hungover, just chaperoning field trips. Which is worse.

  2. most definitely field trips. but i'm with poppy here - get posting, badger! i need your snarkiness...

  3. Come visit my blog - it's got a new post as of yesterday. In fact, the whole thing will be new to you!

    Michele sent me!


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