Friday, November 04, 2005

Show and Tell Friday: My Addiction(s)

My addictions?

They are Legion.

I think.

But I guess it depends upon how you define "addiction." For example ... are we talking real physical addiction, like chemical substances? Because then you can't say I'm addicted to say, toile. Even though the evidence would lead one to suppose that that would be the case.

But ... chemical dependence? No problem ... voilà ... the Cupboard de Caffeine.

Not to mention Le Drawer des Teas:

Alternatively, I could define "addiction" as those things I accumulate--apparently mindlessly--in completely insane amounts. For example, perfume

or scarves

Or by "addiction" do I mean those things that, if I dreamed of doing without them, I would wake up screaming? Because then elements of my skincare regimen would surely qualify:

I suppose it all boils down to whether I can give the item up without going through painful withdrawl. I believe that leaves out perfume, scarves, and even toile. I think I can do without them. No seriously--I can quit any time.

But. I do think that I'm addicted to:

1. PG Tips tea (without which life is not worth living)

2. High-speed wireless internet access (ditto)

3. and blogging. Not my own--yours. Post something, will you?


p.s. I'm also addicted to Windex--the original bright blue formula with the original scent, and not a cheap knock-off.


  1. hmmm those orange boxes are quite in "K! fetch me one of those orange boxes, will you?"

    you, Poppy dear, are a complex woman. whilst I, must use many commas this eve.

  2. Enjoyed the toile peeking into the perfume photo, too.

  3. mmmm, I love PG Tips!!! Hi, Michele sent me :-)


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