Friday, November 18, 2005


To quote Lord Byron, "Hail, Muse, etc."

Madge, Madge, Madge. You've got to love someone who seems to exist to be made fun of ... but honestly, honey, I can come up with my own material without so much help from you.

I mean, I appreciate a freebie as much as the next blogger, but when Homer nods, or my muse is taking the night off, there's always an internet quiz to take, or a meme to take on ... so I don't really need another picture of you sporting your "new" Farrah Fawcett hairdo.

Plus what's this I see? More purple? Is this really necessary? I mean, I think you've made your point. "Purple Is The New (or 80s-retro-chic, or subversive, or self-referencing) Black." OK, OK, we GET IT.

And you? Are the new Prince. WHATEVER.

Also--I'm sorry, Artist Formerly Known as Madonna--I know it hurts a lot when you get your pubic hair stuck in your zipper--but do you have to try to fix it on stage during a concert? Couldn't you just wear underpants?


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  1. My guesstimate is that she got addicted to "shocking" the world and now can't shake that monkey off her, um, back. Now, like a good little addict, she is diving headlong after greater and greater thrills in increasing doses to the collective yawn of the sentient world.

    Prediction: 2025 will see Madonna performing with sequined speculum and neon stirrups.



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