Saturday, December 17, 2005

Not as frazzled as Badger, but close.

Once in a while I check my blogging stats and I am pleased, flattered, and frankly, heartened by the fact that you all keep stopping by even though these days the updates are non-existent, whiney, or both.

When I actually have time to sit down and play with the internet, I'm mostly reading blogs, not updating mine. I especially like to read Badger's updates on how frazzled she is.

Reading Badger's blog makes me feel a lot better, because she's way more frazzled than I am. Her visitors are already upon her, whereas mine won't arrive until Christmas Eve, and my philosophy is: sufficient unto the day are the frazzling events thereof. So that makes me feel better, as I have a few more days before I have to start thinking about groceries and clean towels and sheets and shite.

Also, Badger's frazz lays the groundwork for mine. She's kind of the John the Baptist of Christmas Frazz, because she's freaking out way in advance of the main event, thus setting the stage for my personal, ultimate, over-the-top Christmas Freak Out. Think about it: if Christmas can do this to a Wiccan, imagine what it will do to a card-carrying Episcopalian. In addition to the visitors and the present-buying and the decorating and the cards and the cooking, I have to add activities like getting the spawn to church a couple of times, with my daughter insisting that dresses aren't cool and wanting to show up dressed like a Bratz doll. So I've got Badger acting as my advance guard, blowing trumpets on her blog getting the blogosphere ready for the Ultimate Christmas Frazz-a-rama, which will be MINE.

So thanks and a tip of the bedraggled Santa hat to Badger, my own private Christmas Elf.


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  1. Dude, I'm not Wiccan. But close enough.

    And I am happy to be your holiday freakout advance guard or whatever the hell. Paving the way for others' psychoses is my idea of a good time!

    Besides, now I get to read about YOUR freakout, knowing all my guests are gone and my house is almost back to normal and I don't have to do this again for another three years or thereabouts. So get your freak on, lady!


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