Saturday, December 10, 2005

Shown and told: Christmas decorations

Blackbird asked, and she hath received, from the abundance that is Poppy's Christmas madness:

The tree is nine-and-a-half feet of solid, made-in-China, muscular, artificial greenery.

I think it's on steroids, too, but I'm not sure.

I do know that it took three days to get all the decorations up.

More artifical greenery, this time with wee little toys bedight.

See, around here, Christmas decorations extend far past the front door and now go on places like the door to the china cupboard.

After all, who really needs to get at the Beatrix Potter china animals?

Their season is Easter.

Did you know that Jesus has a thing for martinis?

You didn't? Well, just keep looking at this picture and he'll turn that martini into wine. Truth.

I need a drink.



  1. Very pretty, I must say.
    Wish I could think of something witty - but I seem unable.
    crappy day.

  2. Gee, how do you get out to the porch? And I had a very nice day, so there.

  3. Well, see, we don't spend all that much time on the porch in December.

    Go ahead--call us wimps.

    (We're not wimps, though. We're lushes. There are actually three martini glasses on that tree.)


  4. Belly laughs. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!


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