Saturday, January 07, 2006

Putting the "t" in Saturday.

There is nothing better than a Saturday morning.

I wake up whenever I wake up. Right away that's an incredible feeling. The older I get the more I realize that there is nothing better than being well-rested. It's a subtle thing, but somehow when I wake up having slept for that all-important eight hours, my mind feels cleansed and I've developed a thicker skin. For the rest of the day, things simply won't get to me the way they do when I've had five hours of sleep.

Generally my kids are already up. I wander into the kitchen for my first cup of tea. The cereal bowls on the kitchen table tell me that the offspring have eaten. They're off watching Saturday morning cartoons. I can't hear the television from my bedroom, so I head back there with a mug of tea.

Then it's time to fool around on the internet. Good morning, internet!

You know, I'm still glowing from the experience of meeting the Blogging Babes. I realize I didn't even begin to talk about how amazing these women are. Like Jen--I didn't even realize that Jen of Jennsylvania was also one of the Snarkywood group and was also Jen Lancaster of Bitter is the New Black. And there I was, having lunch with her. Call me a gibbering fangirl, but the Wayne-and-Garth "I'm not worthy!" just about sums it up. And? She's gorgeous.

And Susie Sunshine, how amazing is she? That she came into town for a brief visit and orchestrated this awesome meet-and-greet and she is so adorable and cute and young and writes a totally hilarious kick-ass blog and has. four. sons. I could mistake this gorgeous young thing for a movie star. Good Lord, I have two children and I look like I'm ready to be hauled off to the glue factory.

And then lakeline and Law Mom--how great was it to meet them? They are both so funny and charming and guess what? They were gorgeous, too. I didn't know their blogs before, but checked them out and they're both great reads, so I added them to my blogroll.

And they were all wonderfully tolerant of my loserish slacker-before-the-term-was-coined self. Yay!

Now I am intent upon getting other Chickago bloggers to hit Jen's booksigning event at Barnes and Noble. You heard it here first. I want that chick's autograph. And Chickago bloggers? You do too.

So OK, I came home and promptly dropped my laptop and cracked the screen and am therefore the Helen Keller of blogging ... "D - O - L - L" ! But whatever, you know? I won't let it harsh my Saturday morning mellow.

I think I'll get more tea.



  1. I am sooooo jealous.

    It sounds fabulouso!

  2. I already told Lakeline how jealous I am that she was hanging out with Susie Sunshine, whom I adore. What I didn't tell her was that I am also jealous of Susie Sunshine for getting to hang out with Lakeline. So. Now I'm telling you too.

  3. Dude, what was in that margarita?! I was the one that spilled her lipsticks ALL OVER THE FUCKING FLOOR, remember?! Gah.


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