Friday, January 27, 2006

This was the week that was


Poppy attended a dreary brunch for the tiresome yet blue-blooded old ladies organization. To avoid saying anything outrageous, Poppy allowed herself nothing but Diet Coke to drink. As a consequence, Poppy became exceedingly bored. Poppy finally escaped the brunch, heaving large sighs of relief. She celebrated by attending two Sunday afternoon open houses of two houses for sale in her neighborhood. Poppy rapidly became demoralized by the state of her own house, aka That Shack in Winnetka.


Poppy took the girls in for their mammogram. She suffered the general indignity, using what she remembered of her Lamaze breathing techniques to ward off any discomfort. She then required retail therapy, and headed to the hospital giftshop for the purchase of useless Valentine's themed tchotkes. She spotted Heath Bars in candy display and decided to buy one.


Poppy discovered that the hospital gift shop sales assistant packed an extra Heath Bar in the bag. Poppy briefly contemplated returning the swag to the hospital gift shop. As it is a 20 minute drive, Poppy decided to forget it, so she destroyed the evidence in a most efficient manner.


Poppy atoned for not passing the Heath Bar exam by becoming a gym bunny. She spent an hour in yoga class and then spent an hour on the elliptical with Fiddledeedee. Later that day she spent another 45 minutes on the exercycle. She also spent $200 at Ulta. Even though the mammogram hadn't hurt all that much, and anyway, that was two days ago.


Poppy took her first born to a "neurobehavioral" place for six hours of testing. She headed to the gym. She took her first spinning class, and valiantly refrained from blowing chunks all over the studio. She then headed over to ellipticals for an hour of fast stepping accompanied by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on CD. She then picked up Draco Harry her son, and took him back to Health club for lunch in the cafe, where she was spotted by her spinning class instructor. After the instructor heard about the hour on the elliptical, the instructor granted permission for Poppy to eat whatever Poppy liked for lunch. Poppy complied.


More testing for firstborn equals more gym time for Poppy. This time it was a yoga class followed by some time on the stair climber. Unfortunately, the battery ran down on Poppy's daughter's Bratz CD player, thus shortening stair climbing time, as it turns out stair climbing alone is not sufficiently amusing to hold Poppy's attention. Friday evening Poppy's daughter made her stage debut. Poppy reluctantly relaizes that the Diva behavior is now justified; Popette is a star. A STAR, people.

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