Thursday, February 02, 2006

Crazy Day/Sane Day

Yesterday was a crazy day:

6:45 Got up and dressed.
7:00-8:00 Got children up, fed, dressed and to school.
10:00-11:00. Appointment with shrinky-drink. (What? You didn't think this blog was enough therapy, did you?)
11:00 Drove downtown for a
12:00 - 1:30 rehearsal with my singing group at my club, where I also
1:40-2:20 worked out, then
2:30 drove home,
3:11 and picked up my children at school, whereupon I immediately
3:30 took my son to yet another appointment to be psychologically evaluated.
4:00 - 5:00 I kept my daughter entertained in the waiting room, and then
5:00 took both children to karate.
5:30-6:20 While they were in class, I worked out.
6:30 Then I took the children to grocery store and bought groceries.
7:00 Got home, unpacked car, put away groceries.
7:30 Made terrible "bad Mom" hot dogs + cut up watermelon + milk dinner.
7:45 Got children into pjs; watched the last half-hour of The Cocoanuts with my son.
9:00 Read two chapters of son's latest book aloud; put children to bed.
9:15 Greeted husband upon his return home.
9:30 Took bath.
10:00 Passed out without laying out tomorrow's clothes or turning out the lights, leaving dirty dishes in kitchen.

Today I:

Got the children up,
took them to school,
and made my excuses to their teachers for their not having done a lick of homework the night before.

Came home.

Ate breakfast; read paper; cleaned up kitchen while listening to The Mating Season on CD;

Made beds and straightened up bedrooms while listening to on live365;

Did a few loads of laundry.

While laundry was in machines, culled daughter's book collection.

Ate lunch while listening to more of The Mating Season.

Ordered some pjs from in the pink; posted about it on my other blog

and most importantly:

did. not. work. out.

Conclusion? All that gym time bleeds over into the rest of my life and before I know it, I'm acting like a hamster in a wheel. The lesson you should learn from this? Spend less time running around and more time sitting on your butt in front of your computer.

You're welcome.


  1. see, and I was just thinking...
    must get off bed, close laptop, clean bathroom...must...must...


  2. After only eight years, you finally get the Jonathan Cecil reading PGW CDs.

    You are on an inexorable march towards National Review's Woman of the Year award.



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