Thursday, February 09, 2006

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I finally get to be evil.

Hey, I just got my first tenant from that Blog Explosions "Rent my Blog" thingie. I'm a landlady. An evil one.

This blog renting thing is so cool. You join Blog Explosion, start collecting credits, and pretty soon you can swank around renting places on other people's blogs. You can get other, more popular bloggers indebted to you, which means that you can make them pimp your blog for you. Sweet!

And, when you let Blog Explosion know you want to rent out your blog, it's this huge popularity contest that allows you to relive high school! You submit your blog and wait ... wait ... wait ... trembling ... for an offer. At least, if you're like me. I sat around moping and feeling loserish, wondering "what is it, my breath?" But then! When I finally checked back at the Blog Explosion web site, I had 16 offers.

It's enough to make a girl feel popular.

Even though I think I'm popular because I'm a cheap date. ("Only 20 credits!" she added, to no one in particular.)

OK, enough about me and my "I never got invited to a prom" angst.

This week's blog is MystickalIncense. Since this was my first tenant, and I got to pick and chose between 16 suitors, it had to be quite a blog. After all, I was popping my blog-renting cherry.

Well, it is quite a blog. Stephanie is a work-at-home blogging wiz. She sells crafty things on her blog, she designs blog templates, blinkies, banners, and sigs (cheap!)1 she runs regular contests, and once a week, she reviews blogs.

So anyway, MystickalIncense has something for everyone; sharp writing, great design, and the bitches at I Talk Too Much gave her four smacks!

(Oh, and the fact that I emailed her yesterday and asked her to review my blog didn't affect my judgment at all. Swear.)

Check it out, and tell Stephanie I sent you.

1Not that there's anything wrong with using a standard blogger template. I'm just saying.


  1. Christ. I'm way too tired. I kept reading that as My Stick Al Incense and I thought, what the fuck does that mean? My mental image was that guy from Married, With Children, smoke wafting from his balding head, in a little brass incense burner.

    Obviously I need a nap. Or meds. Or both.

  2. I'm afraid tht if I do the Blog Explosion thing, I'll never surface from the internet again...

  3. Hi there! Just popping in to thank you for the awesome write up and plug of my blog! I'm honored to be your cherry-popping first tenant, and I appreciate all the kind words and compliments - I actually feel like I'm special for beating out those other bidders! (And yeah, 20 for your blog is REAL low, you could easily get 300+). I will try not to let your totally kick ass review of my site in any way bias my review of yours when it comes up *wink* lol


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