Thursday, February 23, 2006

Show and Tell Thursday, a/k/a Deal a Meal

Blackbird's timing is exquisite. She wanted a picture of a meal, and That Stud Muffin I Married was home for dinner for the first time in about three weeks.

Otherwise we would have been in the kitchen. Eating something kind of "meh."

But here we are in the dining room. There's my son. Isn't the expression on his face heart-warming? To me it says "There goes my weird-ass mother taking a picture AGAIN, but it's cool. We have steak for dinner."

The Zyliss cheese grater (just north-east of my husband's fingers) is my favorite kitchen appliance. We use it nightly. Blessed are the cheese graters!

Tonight's dinner was broiled New York strip steak, buttered brussel sprouts, and plain old spaghetti with nothing on it but olive oil, but with freshly-grated Parmesan cheese for those who like it.

Except that my daughter, who has decided she doesn't like steak or brussel sprouts decided to have a hamburger with a side order of broccoli.

Personally, I don't think that there's that much of a difference. Red meat and cruciferous vegetable v. red meat and cruciferous vegetable? Maybe I'm missing something.

I set the table (and did the dishes) and TSMIM cooked.

Oh, and please notice the chairs I eBayed for an amazing price. I got a mahogany table and six chairs for $220. I still haven't taken the plastic off the upholstery. I know plastic slipcovers are all kinds of tacky, but removing slipcovers takes effort, whereas leaving slipcovers in place is effortless. Somebody needs to put some pressure on me or those chairs might never get out of their rain ponchos.

P.S. I just clicked on the pictures and noticed the amount of ketchup my daughter put on her hamburger. It's astonishing. I'm surprised bottles of ketchup don't run away screaming when they see her coming. The upshot? Those plastic slipcovers are only coming off when she eats hamburger with ketchup, and not the other way around.


  1. Mmmmyummy. Steak. I'm the only person in my house that likes brussels sprouts (why Brussels? why not Flanders? Or Norway?), so I rarely eat them.

    My daughter douses her corn in ketchup. It's nasty - even more so when someone bought a bottle of that awful coloured ketchup. There's something indescribably disgusting about yellow corn and purple goop.

  2. The dowry, she is a-risin'.


  3. Chez Poppy is tres chic, no?

  4. eBay? Seriously? That's a pretty cool snag. I'm afraid to ask how much the shipping set you back.

    Does the boy eat brussels sprouts? If so, can he come to my house and school my kid?

  5. an excellent meal!
    (couldn't get your site to load or I woulda been here sooner)

    I was going to mention the plastic on the chairs -- v bad, but, what with the mention of the ketchup, I see your point.

  6. Julia--I remember those colored ketchups. We had purple and green, the usual red, and a squeeze thing of yellow mustar. It was the time when everyone around here appeared to be fixated on the Tellytubbies. Thank goodness that's over.

    Joke: We realize, with infinite regret, that we probably won't be able to afford either of the young Master Jokes.

    Cathleen: We'd be a lot chic-er without the ketchup bottle on the table. Not to mention the plastic slipcovers on the dining room chairs.

    KathyR: No shipping on the chairs; it was a local pickup.

    Blackbird: Well, missy, it's not my fault if the food is cold, then, is it?


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