Thursday, March 09, 2006

How to Save Spend Time Blogging

It's 10:30 a.m. and I've already spent too much time on-line today. Nobody can find anything around here, so a major house-pick-up session is in order. Then there's the laundry. And I've got to pull together dinner for tonight because it's a new babysitter, and she deserves to have things made as easy as possible. Then there are the various errands. And the phone is ringing off the hook, and what with these interruptions and chores hanging over my head, I just can't afford to hang out with you guys today.

The solution? A two-fer.

First of all, Blackbird wants to see our eyes for show-and-tell Thursday. Now I realize I'm supposed to be posting a photograph of the large, expressive, laughing green highlights of my own lovely face, but I also know I won't be able to find the bucking cord that connects the camera to my laptop. Either that or the bucking camera's bucking battery will need charging, and again, I have no time for this today.

But good old internet--while with one hand it taketh, with the other, it giveth of its bounty:

Voila! My eyes. Sort of. So that's taken care of.

Now the other thing I need to do is call your attention to Moonshine, the excellent blog of my excellent Blog Explosion renter, Izzy, who--what a coincidence!--blogged recently about how the internet




down a rabbit hole of seemingly infinite time-wasting. As you can see, I found the topic good enough to steal. (Izzy, please remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Please feel flattered.) Izzy has also written great entries recently about the perils of consignment store shopping, the importance of being told one is babe-alicious, and--wait--there's more! She's a Crazy/Hip Blogging Mama of the week, her 100 things entry rocks, and she has an awesome links list. Go check her out!

Just click on the little black thumbnail to the left. Please do it. Or I'll have to post more pictures of Tom Cruise demonstrating that he finds Nicole Kidman babe-alicious. And you know you don't want to see any more of that.

P.S. I used spell check right now. Can you spot the change I made, based on the spellchecker's suggestion?

P.P.S. Can somebody explain why the bucking spellchecker on Blogger doesn't recognize the following words: "Blog," "blog," "blogged," or "Blogging"? That's totally bucked up.


  1. cheater.

    that is THE MOST annoying movie in the WORLD.

  2. I came all the way over here looking for your eyes! Have a great time in Chicago! Could you remind Susie about the autographs she is supposed to get for me before she indulges in her weekend margaritabooksigningfest?

  3. I am also sucked down into infinite bloggerland. Sometimes I look at the clock---and hours have passed!

  4. Ugh. That movie makes me crazy... But I'd rather see that than him and Katie smooching it up.


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