Wednesday, March 29, 2006

OK, so I relented and finally went on some fucking rides. Happy?

We managed to get our sorry butts over to the Magic Kingdom today, where we went on some rides. Not nearly enough, if you're a Disney fanatic like Joke, but enough for us.

Disney update: I am thin. OK, I'm not thin by real world standards, but by Disney standards I am practically sylph-like. This is really sad when you consider that I'm at nearly an all-time non-pregnant high. But there are some very chunky women in these parts. (I may move here.)

In other news, the rides were fine, except ... meh. Rides shmides. We've done it all before. We really needed to experience something new and different. And this proved to be something of a challenge, considering that this is the sixth spring break we've spent at Disney World.

So today we had breakfast at the Main Street Bakery. Yay us! Also, I checked out some of the penny peep shows in the train station. I hit paydirt with "Bouncing Burlesque" and "In Old San Francisco," which was a story about white slavery, featuring some offensively stereotypical Chinese dudes slobbering laciviously over some silent film star white babe. Who knew political incorrectness still flourished at the House of Mouse? Nobody, that's who. Because nobody except me ever bothers to look at the penny peep shows.

Other than that, same old same old.

So for the Poppies, it's has become all about the shopping. In this way we do Disney right. Because Disney is all about separating people from their money.

Now a lot of the time, this means people spend a ton of money on Disney stuff, but the Poppies are shopping over-achievers, and that simply isn't enough for us. Like today. Sure, I bought not one, but two Disney charms for the charm bracelet I don't even own yet. But wait--there's more. We went to the Japanese department store in Epcot tonight and bought green tea and Pokemon toys, and I am now the proud owner of two big packages of Japanese bath salts. And a Speed Racer license plate frame for the minivan.

Now, I'm sure I could buy Japanese bath salts at the local Japanese food store, but that isn't the point, is it? I sort of suspect that Disney won't be happy until it manages to sell me Clarabelle Cow calcium supplements and Minnie Mouse brand tampons. Only then, or when I'm forced to declare bankruptcy, will Disney let my wallet out of its tractor beam.


  1. Well, OK. You're getting warmer.


    If you wanna see the nickelodeon type ppe shows you must stay at the WDW Boardwalk, which is where the majority of the machines went after WDW closed the Penny Arcade to open up ::yawn:: yet another shop.


    At DL they have yet to do so, and we had a grand ol' time seeing SIXTEEN different ones there.

    Now you know.


  2. I feel the same way about Disney Schmisney. It's Un-American to not go to Disney if you have children, but I know it's Just Another Theme Mall. My ILs used to live in Orlando, and we did the obligatory trip every visit. Now that the kids are big enough to actually enjoy WDW, the ILs up and moved to the Panhandle. *sigh* So, we now have to spend Major Money and get hotel rooms, to boot.

    And I had no idea there were peep shows! Gosh, something to look forward to on our next trip to FL!

    What I really want to do is go to South Beach and visit my husband's brother. Without the kiddos. Just to look at the deco stuff and eat some yummy food. And all the Beautiful People. In Thongs.

    Have fun on your trip!


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