Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What I bought on my spring vacation.

Blackbird went shopping, and so did I. She got a pair of black pants.

I'm not in a part of the world where I'd want to buy a lot of clothes. But I did do some shopping:

I got a red Walt Disney World baseball cap with Minnie Mouse on it.

And a bottle of Jardins des Bagatelles Eau de Parfum.

And a bottle of pink Guerlain makeup-removing lotion.

And an Imperial Jade ring, emerald green, semi-translucent, set in 14K gold with two little twinkling diamonds.

And four cloisonné pins of places we went at Walt Disney World. With a new lariat to display them. Because that is the kind of dork I am.

I also bought three Star Wars light sabers, but amazingly enough, they weren't for me. But the laminated Star Wars tag that says "Pod Racer"? Is totally going on the rearview mirror of my minivan.

The stuffed Minnie Mouses (mice?) and the Chicken Little DVD were also not for me.

But The Best of the Best of Georgia cookbook is mine, all mine.


  1. Question -- is Jardins the scent of Jasmine? For the rest of my life, forever and ever, the scent of either Gardenias or Jasmine or both will remind me of my mom. Those are the scents she wears, and when I smell them, I think of love -- the kind of love only a mother can give a child. I would jump in front of a bullet to save that woman's life -- she's such an important part of this world. I'm truly blessed.

  2. "I'm not in a part of the world where I would want to buy clothes"--at least you didn't say books. On my spring vacation I bought a few jackets...

    and the vw is rotten. (not it is "rotten" but that it is acting rotten and vile by its goobly gook...)

  3. Hiya Poppy! This is just to let you know that your site was selected as the blog in review this week at the Mystickal Incense Blog! Congratulations - and keep up the awesome work here!!

  4. That "charge it to my room" feature at Disney was my downfall. They make it WAY too easy to spend money. :)

  5. I just LOVE Felix more than I can say. What a delightfil happy cat you must be, too! (I use the word 'cat' in the old Jazz sense...)
    Dropped by from Stephanie Davies but I've been here once or twice before...I am enjoying!


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