Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'd like to thank God. Oh, and my makeup artist.

I'm famous on the internet! And it's for two reasons. Two! Which means I get 30 minutes of fame, not fifteen.

And I'm using a few of them right now, even as we speak, to brag share the love.

First, I've received a glowing review on Stephanie's Mystickal Incense blog. Stephanie says my blog "kicks major butt!" You'll have to scroll down to see it--it was posted March 29th. (See how modest I am that I didn't brag about this right away? Especially about that part where she says this blog is one of the best she's seen on the internet. On the entire internet, people. Yet even with these accolades, I remain lovably humble.)

Second, Jen and the gals at Snarkywood ran a prize for snarkiest caption of a picture of J. Lo. I'm proud to say that I won one such prize, (a signed copy of Jen's book, Bitter is the New Black) even though I've never seen J. Lo in a movie, or a video (I understand she sings) or really anything except magazines and celebrity blog sites. Still, that tacky green Versace dress deserved to be withered like a fig tree, so I went all Biblical (or is it Oscar Wilde) and slapped it silly. And I got the nod. Yay me!

The prize is a signed copy of Bitter. Since I already bought one at one of Jen's local signings, the question is, whom should receive this fabulous book?

Should I go all Joke and run a contest? Or is that beneath a celebrity of my stature? Or ... would I seem more lovably humble, more real somehow, if I acted as if I were unaware of my fame?

I'll throw the question out to you, my public. Should I hold a contest, so that one of the little people of the internet can win this wonderful prize? Or should I give it to a friend or relative, who, I should remind you, has the inestimable pleasure of already knowing me in real life.


  1. Dearest Poppy, I'd consider entering a contest like that. Oh, that's right! I don't have to enter because I already have two signed copies of the book! But wait a minute...I don't have them yet. Hmmmmmm...I wonder where they are?

  2. You should just give it to me. I mean, duh.

  3. Lawmom: Whoops! I totally forgot to mail them. God, I suck SO COMPLETELY. OK, I'll get them out tomorrow for sure. Really. No lie.

    Badger: Well, I was looking for something a little more fulsome, but whatever. Send me an email with your info and I'll forward it to Jen.

    But you both have to read the book and post reviews on Amazon. (Only if you like the book though.)

  4. Wow, you've hit the big time. Don't forget the little people (your renters) from way back!

  5. Well, I already bought the book and posted reviews (good ones, too!). My copy isn't signed though. :( Although, that's probably a good thing as it would likely keep me from re-reading the book in an effort to preserve it as Jen is going to be a huge booky star someday. Now I can read my copy into tatters and then buy another one.

    So this works out for the best, really. (sob)

  6. I already have a signed copy. So, I am going to vote you have a contest and really make 'em work for it. LOL

  7. Have a contest. You know you want to.


  8. Have a contest and I'll kick in a couple more copies!


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