Saturday, April 01, 2006

On the road. Again.

Yesterday we drove from Orlando to Nashville. We left Walt Disney World at 9:30 and arrived at our hotel in Nashville at 1:00 in the morning, except it was only midnight because we're in Central Time. So we gained an hour. How clever of us to be driving west, n'est pas? We are to be congratulated.

My current book-on-MP3 is Ian Carmichael reading the unabridged version of Dorothy L. Sayer's Clouds of Witness. It's great and really makes the miles fly. Especially when my husband is driving.

Today, it's Nashville to Chicago, with stops at Cracker Barrel, this trip's chain eatery of choice.

p.s. In the "country store" part of Cracker Barrel, my daughter discovered country music. She's now listening to Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton. Pretty good for a child born in Chicago. I can't wait for her to start talking country music with her little friends at school.


  1. Hey! You totally could have said "hi" to my brother while you were in Nashville! If only I had known.

  2. Country music? COOL.

    Please ignore the $ in my eyes or the ka-ching noises.


  3. April fool!

    No really. We spent a lot of time singing along to Loretta Lynn today. "When you're looking at me / You're looking at preppy."

    HA hahahahaha! Gotcha! Only fooling! April Fool!

    No really. We did.


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