Sunday, May 14, 2006

An announcement (or two)

So I'm back, rested and refreshed. I have triumphed over the brown steak of suspicious provenance. I've been increasingly amused by the headlines in the paper regarding our national decision-makers. I've enjoyed two more superb musical performances, and what was especially enjoyable, I wasn't in them. I saw Chicago Opera Theater's wonderful performance of Mozart's The Abduction from the Seraglio, and my daughter's kick-ass version of "The Ash Grove" at the school concert, which had all and sundry coming up to me for two days gushing over how wonderful she was.

So Happy Mother's Day to Poppy, scheming stage mother.

So. Announcement Number 1: Happy Mother's Day to all my favorite motherbloggers. You are the shiznit, and I love you. I hope you have an excellent day, getting whatever it is that you want in the way of Mother's Day loot and revelry.

Me, I want brunch, and two well-dressed, well-behaved children. I've got reservations for the first, and have a little shopping to do this morning to ensure the first half of the second. For that last part ... let us pray.

Announcement Number 2: I have a Mother's Day gift for you. Some awesome blogging mamas asked me to contribute to Mamarazzi, a blog in which we make well-deserved fun of celebrity mothers. Enjoy!


  1. Awwww, and WE LOVE YOU!

    Not to be prodding or anything, but when will you make with the reporting of fun people you hung out with this weekend?! Enquiring minds and whatnot.....

  2. Prod away. It profiteth thee not, little Miss Lack of Reading Comprehension.

    I'm not meeting Blackbird until Monday. After which you will receive a full report. (Unless she threatens to sue me or something.)

  3. Happy Mother's Day Poppy!! :)

  4. I can be thick as a plank some days.

    (how embarrassing)

  5. Ok, you said you wanted me to interview you, so here's the link to the questions:

    I know, I know, it's too long. I've been bitched at by everyone for that.

  6. Hope your mothers' day was well fed and well bred, behavior wise. Mine was iffy, but my hooligans are younger and therefore I cutteth more slack. Usually.

    I, too, await the report. Also, the movie-star likeness. I now picture bab-bab as a tall, slightly sturdier Fonda, carrying bags of books. While I'm not expecting as much info, throw us a bone, here!


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