Friday, May 19, 2006

The Opinions of a Punctuation Princess (and her Peeps).

I'm such a tease. I've seen all of those comments. Not to mention the positive trickle of emails ... So yes, I know you all want to hear about coffee with Blackbird.

But I won't gratify you. Not yet. (And I'm not being coy. I'm too busy photoshopping the pictures to make me look thinner.) (Actually, I don't have time to write anything good enough, and that's why.)

Instead, I'm sending you away to check out two other blogs. The first is Mamarazzi, a virtual celebrity mom slambook I'm co-authoring with Angie, Lisa, Lucinda, M'Kay, and Susie Sunshine. Yes, even though I don't even have time to keep up with my other blogs, I agreed to contribute to Mamarazzi. (Luckily for me, idiot starlet-mother-du-jour Britney Spears almost dropped her baby yesterday, so today's entry took very little time to write.)

The other place I'd like to send you is my tenant's blog. The Lovely Mrs. Davis Tells You What to Think has, as is immediately obvious, a brilliant title. Genius! But then there's her writing, which is also brilliant. Her specialty is children's music, and the Lovely Mrs. Davis reviews a lot of CDs. Now me, I think children's music is whatever I happen to be listening to when my kids are in the room,* but I like reading Mrs. Davis's reviews, anyway. They're just written so damned well. And for me, it's all about good writing. (After all, "All Style! No Substance!" is the unofficial motto of this blog. Which you only know if you visit Blog Explosion or use Bloglines, but anyway, it's out there.) Mrs. Davis writes such good reviews that she has my 1-click finger itching to buy children's CDs. Itching, I tell you.

Oh, and one other thing. Mrs. Davis's copy is about the cleanest this former copy editor has ever encountered, and that's saying a lot. I don't know whether I've mentioned it before, but I am the Princess of Punctuation. My Mamarazzi peeps will back me up here; I was no sooner on board when I nabbed the role of Colon Cop.

I realize a lot of bloggers don't care about punctuation; they just want to write what they feel. But fuck that! I say clean up your punctuation immediately, or I'll kick you in the semi-colon. So anyway, Mrs. Davis's punctuation is an absolute poem. It brings a tear to my eye.

So do yourself a favor and check Mamarazzi and Mrs. Davis out. Meanwhile I'll try to come up with an evocative entry about drinking a skim latte with your favorite Tuvalan.

Oh, and I realize I'm overdoing the italics, OK? I read just like Helen Gurley Brown. I know. Don't worry. It's just a phase.

* I'm lying. Unfortunately, I can boast quite a collection of Teletubbies, Power Puff Girls, Disney, Veggie Tales, and Kids Bop fill-in-the-number CDs.


  1. Wasn't Colon Cop one of the original members of The Village People?


  2. Wonderful entry today, my dear. You really got things hopping over there!

  3. Bandwidth exceeded?

    Congrats on another popular blog, P!

  4. As a children's librarian, I can see that your blog has now become educational...I wonder if I can get CE credits for reading your tenant's blog? Oh, but I don't purchase kid's music, I purchase CD-ROMS! Oh well. As you were.

    BTW, waiting...on news re: Blackbird...

    and Colon Cop--that's a good one.

  5. Wow--you are so right about Mrs. Davis. I think this is the best tenant I've seen so far!


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