Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Coming soon--to a newstand near you.

My creation
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And subsequently, to coffee tables. With brown rings on my cover from where somebody used me as a coaster.

Because--tah dah!--my blog has become a magazine. Soon I'll be found on newstands everywhere, nestled coyly between Town & Country and Martha Stewart Living. Or maybe Simple Living and Old House Interiors.

I mean, why blog when you can publish a glossy magazine?

OK, I made this last February. And then forgot to post it. Or something. And I came over to my flickr account looking for a picture of That Stud Muffin I Married making pasta to prove to Joke that of course making fresh pasta at home is easy. My husband does it.

And then I became distracted (and gee, that never happens. Hey, maybe I should check my email.) And found this. And decided to use it as an entry.

Anyway, here it is.

Sooner or later I will post an entry about my mother's visit, and how we went to Abraham Lincoln's house in Springfield, not to mention Abe's Presidential Library. And didn't even have a single argument.

But seriously, I need to check my email. I mean, it's been what--four minutes?


  1. I feel like such a slacker because I do not make fresh pasta.

  2. THAT'S IT! I'm getting out the pasta-making equipment from Deep Storage. I've been using our drying rack to dry the swimsuits, so that's handy. What I need is the extruder/wringer thingy. Hmmmmmm...
    Glad you survived your mother's visit. My parents visit often - they are 45 minutes away. I love them dearly, but 3 hours is all I can take. Yes, they tend to come here and eat and clean and work on projects around here. But they are health fiends, so I have to be mindful of what I cook. Try making things taste delightful with NO dairy, only extremely complex carbs, NO animal fat, etc. What you end up with is food you have to chew For-Ever!

    And I am suspicious that they come here and do the stuff dh doesn't have time to do to keep us married! They adore and worship my husband and our sons (only grandsons); they tolerate me. I am not kidding.

    What did you do about the dresser you are feeling 'meh' about? And isn't it time to check your email?

  3. I am jealous of the Abe Lincoln stuff. We went to his birthplace and boyhood home in Kentucky last year but I would LOVE to go to his house and library. Wah.

    Ooh. E-mail. Must check. Now.


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