Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Longest Day

I survived the kids' week of no school and no camp, and I'm neither gibbering nor frothing at the mouth, which, if you ask me, is miraculous. There is only so much GameCube a sentient adult can listen to before her reason deserts her, and it occurs to me that I might possibly have passed that point. At any rate, when I look in the mirror, this is what I see --------------------->

Camp started on Monday, so I get a reprieve from GameCube from 9:00 to 12:00 every day, during which time I get to work out, run errands, achieve new miracles in housecleaning ... or read the paper while consuming gallons of tea.

Meanwhile, my social life has received a massive shot in the arm. It has been a giddy whirl of ladies' luncheons and black tie evenings, for which, unfortunately, I have nothing to wear because I am so damned fat, no doubt from sitting around listening to my children play GameCube.

For example, tomorrow I'm going to a garden party to benefit the Chicago Park District. Ladies are requested to wear hats. I'm envisioning a scenario where a matron sits at one end of a long table pouring tea, and she asks me "One GameCube or two?" but I realize that probably isn't going to happen.

Time to stop typing and roust the kids out of bed for camp. I'd better go get some more tea before I Nintendoze off ...


  1. Ugh, the sounds of video games. My son likes to stand right next to me playing his Gameboy while I'm working on the computer. Makes me twitch.

    Hooray for camp! Enjoy your mornings.

  2. And yet I long for the days of the sweet GameCube and its cute Nintendo characters. Now that we're all Xbox'd up, it's nothing but shooting and explosions all the damned time.

  3. My husband thinks more than two weeks of any camp is "overscheduling." Crazy man. Or he would be if HE were home with them all day everyday.


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