Thursday, June 15, 2006

Poppy Checks some Train Wrecks

After a lovely dinner of sushi, my son spent the evening playing a Sonic game on his Nintendo. My husband spent the evening working on Sudoku puzzles. My daughter was, I have no doubt, playing with her Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi dolls.

As for me--I was bucking the whole Japanese trend, because I was working on something for Mamarazzi.* Which makes me not merely a rugged individual, but a Snarkarazza. (Or some such--my Italish has gotten horribly rusty.)

Wait a minute. Haven't you checked out Mamarazzi yet? Get over there prontissimo, Gentle Reader-san!

* Well, OK, I had to check out Larry King's interview with various Men of the Cloth on the subject of "What, Me--Gay?" and then surf back over to the train wreck that was Britney's interview with Matt Lauer. I had to.


  1. Britney? Train wreck? Noooo. Please. As if. Just because a woman has to lip sync during the throes of ecstasy (such as they may have been) and marries into the Social Register* people pick on her, poor little multifaceted genius child prodigy.


    * What? He's not? He sure looks like a Mayflower type.

  2. Poppy-san,

    You're welcome,


  3. Yo, Joke, K Fed's one of my homies.
    Enuf said.


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