Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Copying Joke. Again.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother with blogging. I really don't belong on the internet with you young coolios. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a big dork. I eat the wrong food; I drink the wrong liquor, and I listen to the wrong kind of music. Also, I don't watch enough television. No penetrating insights about Lost or Survivor or anything like that will be happening around here. I'm too busy watching thirty-year-old programs, like Lord Peter Wimsey dramatizations from the 1970s.

Anyway. If you've had the chance to marvel at the uber-coolness of the playlist Joke put together for Number One Son's ninth birthday, you'll have a good laugh when you see this playlist. It's the stuff my son asked me to download/rip to iTunes. The son who joins me and That Stud Muffin I Married for marathon Lord Peter Wimsey watching.

This is what he likes to listen to:

Eye of the Tiger, Survivor
Theme from Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters Soundtrack
I Like to Move it, Madagascar Soundtrack
Scooby Doo, Where Are You? Cosa
The Monster Mash, Boris
Treehouse Of Horror V (Medley), The Simpsons
Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon
Dracula From Houston, Butthole Surfers
Ghostbusters II Theme, Run D.M.C.
It's Raining Men, The Weather Girls
Halloween, Misfits
Witchdoctor, Ray Stevens
Feed My Frankenstein, Alice Cooper
Vampire Love, Misfits
Kitten on the Keys, Liberace
Un Bel Di Vedremo, Puccini: Madama Butterfly
Theme from The Munsters
Witchy Woman, The Eagles
Hey Juliet, LMNT
Linus and Lucy, Vince Guaraldi Trio
Fur Elise, Vince Guaraldi Trio
Sign Your Name, Terence Trent D'Arby
Shuffle Off To Buffalo, Ruby Keeler, Clarence Nordstrum,
We're In The Money (The Gold Diggers Song), Ginger Rogers & Chorus
Young And Healthy, Dick Powell, Toby Wing & Chorus
Honeymoon Hotel, Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler & Chorus
Shanghai Lil, James Cagney, Ruby Keeler, & Chorus

So. Joke's son is bopping around to that surf/ska/punk stuff I've never heard of. Probably playing along on the electric guitar. Whereas my son is cracking up to Ginger Rogers singing "We're in the Money" in Pig-Latin. And will, I have no doubt, figure out how to play it on his cello. Of course, that's not the most embarrassing item on this list; that would be "Witchy Woman," by the Eagles--something I only got because it was for my Halloween party playlist. And now ... my son has decided it's a Good Song.

I'm telling you, I'm a dork. And apparently, we're breeding them over here.

Move along--nothing to see here.



  1. Oh, NOS exhibits great dorkitivity his own bad self. He just knows enough not to slap it on a CD to hand out to all his friends.

    NOS grooves mightily to Bing Crosby and the crooning of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.

    NTS is mesmerized by Andrea Bocelli.


  2. Wait. There's Lord Peter Wimsey stuff on DVD? Really? Is this NetFlixable, I wonder? 'cause I do love me some Lord Peter.

    My guilty pleasure songs are enough to make a music snob turn four shades of green and vomit back issues of [insert trendy music rag here]

  3. Joke: You can't kid me. NTS's pop digs Bocelli.

    Julia: Yes, NetFlix has them, and is my source for Lord Peter and lots more BriTV. We're on Murder Must Advertise right now. After the Ian Carmichael ones are through, we'll do the ones with Harriet Vane, then it's on to Poirot, Miss Marple, and Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes.

    We dorks are nothing if not thorough.

  4. I think you're fabulously cool and I'm never wrong about these things.

  5. My kids like my music. My kids hate TFBIM's music.

    NOS puts on my gigabuck headphones and listens to the WHOLE production of La Boheme. Maybe he will be the next great Rodolfo. (Assuming Rodolfo yodels.)

    The point is the kids ALSO like the stuff that isn't relentlessly cool. In fact, the DVD of choice is The Music Man starring Matthew Broderick.


  6. Yeah, well my point is that you should buy a better CD for NTS to listen to; there are plenty of better Rodolphos than Bocelli. Not to mention that the real Music Man is Robert Preston. Sheesh!

    And now I'm going to run away before I get smacked.


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