Friday, July 07, 2006

If this is TGIF's, where's my foofy drink?

Three things:

1. We got back from New Hampshire last night. I won't say our house is at sixes and sevens this morning--it's more like eights and nines. As in, I sent my daughter off to her Friday morning camp trip-to-the-beach with no bathing suit. I can't find it.*

2. Have you checked out Fidget's blog yet? Please do!

3. I don't have much to say today; I shot my wad over at Mamarazzi. And if you think I'm a crude customer over here? Over there, I'm writing about Paris Hilton. Check it out!

*She is wearing sunscreen, though. Because I only wanted to win Bad Mommy of the Month. Not Bad Mommy of the Decade.

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