Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Such a Tizzy.

So today I had plans to have lunch with Sarah O. (scat) of Lemon Life, in a lovely restaurant in Erewhon, except the whole thing was predicated on my children going on a post-camp field trip to a water park, and it's pouring rain.

And since I don't know Sarah O. personally, and don't have her phone number, and couldn't call her, I wasn't absolutely certain that she'd retrieve her email cancelling the lunch date. And I pictured her sitting in a lovely restaurant, weeping into her Perrier (or iced tea, or Diet Coke) wondering what happened to Poppy.

So I did the only thing I could do, which was stalk her. See, she's selling her house. And that meant that I could find the address. And with her last name and address, I could get her telephone number. So I did. And I called the number, only to discover that it's a fax line.

So I did the only thing I could do, and faxed her that I wasn't coming.

At that point, I heard from the camp. The field trip to the water park is on; they just hope that my kids don't wander into the pool and get hit by lightning.

That meant I needed to re-stalk Sarah, re-email and re-fax her, cancelling the cancellation. Which I did.

So, it's 11:00 and I'm exhausted, but I need to go get dressed into something waterproof or at least water-resistant or at least something that won't make me look like some Palm Beach heavy drinker's DTs* and head up to Erewhon to meet--or get stood up by--the unknown blogger I've been stalking all morning.

*(Cue "Pink Elephants" song from Dumbo.)


  1. And did you meet her? Good detective work, btw.

  2. I did! And we had a great time. I'd say, (and this is only a first impression, mind you) that's she's almost as alienated and ill-at-ease in her lovely suburb as I am in mine.

    Which is heartening, in a way. As Emily Dickinson said: I'm nobody / Who are you? / Are you nobody, too? / Then there's a pair of us.

  3. how does one pronounce that?

  4. I'm going to pronounce it airy-hoon until instructed otherwise.

  5. Poppy's Practically Perfect in Every Way Correspondence Course, Lesson 1: How to Pronounce "Erewhon."

    1 Record yourself saying "nowhere."

    2 Play the recording backwards.

    3. Make the same sound.

    4. If you hear anyone telling you "Paul is dead; miss him, miss him," riposte back pronto with "Only in Heather's dreams."

  6. HEY! Don't you know bloggers don't get together anywhere near Chicago without I know about it!?

    Where were you two in JUNE??


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