Thursday, August 24, 2006

Foodie Trends in Barcelona

Actually, this isn't going to be about foodie trends in Barcelona. I have no idea why anyone would think that this blog would be the place to look for information on foodie trends anywhere at all--let alone in Barcelona--but that is the single most popular non-perverted search phrase that brings people here.

So I thought I would start things off this evening by setting the record straight. While it is possible that there are many Foodie Trends in Barcelona, there aren't any here. For example, tonight I ate lobster for dinner--Homarus Americanus, that is, nothing Spanish about it--with salad, bread, and a slice of chocolate cake that I baked because it was my sister's birthday.

And that's what I really want to talk about, you Barcelonian foodie trend poseurs.

My sister-in-law and nephew came by for a visit this afternoon, and literally minutes after they left my mother showed up, and then my brother, and finally my sister and her entourage. And it was loud. LOUD, I tell you. My brother? Honestly, he drowns out every other conversation in the room. So everyone gets louder and louder so as to be heard. And the result is that my ears are running blood.So now, we will have blogging for the deaf. AND NOW, WE WILL HAVE BLOGGING FOR THE DEAF.

And Blackbird wants to see my toothbrush holder. AND BLACKBIRD ... oh forget it. FORGET IT.

New paragraph.

OK, here it is ... not my picture, of course. It's stolen from drug- But this is what I use. The Sonicare Elite Pro whatever, with the very fast brushing, and the humming, and the beeps, and the toothpaste slobbered down your front because how do you make it stop so you can get rid of all the foam it makes?

I figured, hey, I keep it in its stand, so why bother to take a picture?

But I'm not lazy. I'M DEAF.


  1. Aren't you awfully good for participating whilst handicapped!

    God, I hope you can get out of the HELL that is New Hampshire soon.

  2. I bet Poppy would cheerfully pay extortion level sales- and state income taxes to avoid these problems. Wait. She already does. Ne'er mind.


    P.S. Poppy, how do you get your head to stop vibrating for 7-8 minutes after using the Sonicare?


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