Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Guests 4, Buxoms 1

Today was the end of a fabulous two-day visit.

My friend L. and her son and daughter stayed with us. They were the first non-family overnight guests we've had here, and in case you're thinking of inviting yourselves, I should let you know that they set a damned high standard for others to follow. They showed up with two pounds of fudge, five or six games (Scrabble, Connect Four, Barrel of Monkeys, Texas Hold 'Em, and Yahtzee) took us out to dinner, and treated us to a boat ride.

We? Provided a lobster dinner for Liz (her kids got stuck with hamburgers) a couple of beds with saggy mattresses, internet access, waffles and bacon for breakfast, and oh yeah, I brought them to the beach.

So far the score is Guests 4, Buxoms 1.

The only drawback is that I talked myself hoarse. Yes, although I am generally known far and wide for my taciturnity, I was unusually talkative when L. was visiting. And now I have a kind of low-grade, half-assed variety of laryngitis, meaning that all I want to do is drink lots of fluid and read the batch of library books I brought home this afternoon. (Yes, that makes ten library books. I'm a tax payer and I demand my rights! After all, the state motto is Live free or die, and I take it seriously.)

Oh, and I ordered a new camera the other day--a Nikon D70s--and showed up today. I'd show you all kinds of new pictures except its battery needs charging.

And so does mine. Back to my books. And my drinking.


  1. nevermind all that - I'm still stuck on "taciturnity." Cripes Poppy.

  2. Have I never mentioned what kind of houseguests we are?
    I should have...
    we arrive with armloads of flowers and alcohol -
    and a shopping bag which contains fabulous foods.
    I usually clear up the dinner things and wash them -
    my children are quiet, polite and social when required to be...
    plus, K is good looking and I have a wit that, well, can slice cheese.

  3. Meanwhile, we were stuck at the endocrinologist's office for an eternity just to hear "Oh, THAT? That's nothing."



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