Monday, August 21, 2006

Short entries got ... no reason to ... short entries got ...

no reason to ... short entries got ... no reason to live.

Except that my entries will probably be short for a while. Because my family has discovered me. Yes, your Poppy, that diamond in the rough who has been in New England for three weeks? Has become popular. With the people who have known her longer than anyone else.

So tonight That Stud Muffin I Married broiled steaks and made rotini with pesto and steamed brocolli and my sister brought over a tomato pie and assorted chocolates and we ate long and well. And drank, too. And talked about stuff that you're all too young to remember, like the 1969 Rolling Stones concert my sister took me to for my 12th birthday ...

yes, go ahead and do the math. I'm actually that old. And it's OK, really. Except for the incontinence. (j/k ... the bladder is fine.)

But the really amazing thing? And my sister and I were in total agreement here--our mother let us go. On the subway. To Boston Garden. To a Stones concert. And we were? 11 and 13.

Would you let your daughters do that? Of course not. Neither would I.

At any rate, I'm going to be very busy during the coming week, because my family has realized that I'm heading back to Newtopia on Sunday. So it's dinner here, lunch there, and I try not to bitch too much, but WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU PEOPLE DURING THE LAST TWO WEEKS?

p.s. My sister asked me what blogging was. So I showed her this. For all I know, she's going to be a regular reader. So all together now: "Hi Sally!"


  1. Hello Sally!

    How about this?
    My mother dropped my brother L and I (me, myself) at the movies one afternoon.
    We were seven and five.
    And what did she send us to see?

  2. Saying "HI!" to Sally.

    You're barely out of POOberty, Poppy. Still Very Young.

    And going to that Stones concert? Totally cool of your mother. My mother? NOT that cool.

    Enjoy your popularity. Don't you love those sitting-at-the-table-yakking-forever meals?!

  3. Ditto with the 'hi sally.' (My rugrat and I have a policy -- neither of us reads the other's blog.)

    I saw Aerosmith in '75, when Rocks was their big album. Ted Nugent (Cat Scratch Fever) was the opening act. I was 15. I went with friends, and I don't even think my mother knew I was going to a concert. It cost all of about 5 bucks, I think.

    I let my rugrat go to a Three Days Grace concert when she was younger than that (I think she was 13). But I dropped them off and picked them up.

  4. Oh, and I'd never tell my sibs about my blog! They are decidedly uncool.

  5. When I was 11 my sister and I took the trolley to Pittsburgh to see The Monkees.

    Don't tell anyone but, even to an 11 year old, Peter and Micky sure looked stoned.

  6. Poppy,

    I keep telling you there used to be some really cool moms in Stepford years ago(Poppy lives in Newtopia, but is in the Stepford school district). Get this- 7 of us caravaned to Milwaukee with our kindergarden daughters to see.....the Spice Girls live in concert. (Well WE thought we were cool).

    I can't begin think about all the insane things my mother did when I was young because it defies logic that I survived.


  7. Sorry, I forgot to say "Hi, Sally"


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