Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And now for something completely glamorous.

I can't remember whether, once upon a time, I spent seven glorious days over at The Glamorous Redneck or whether she spent seven days renting from me. (I realize this sounds like the opening of A Child's Christmas in Wales, but it's true; I really can't remember. And BlogExplosion is loading pages so slowly that it will be Christmas before I finally figure it out.)

So we'll just leave it as undecided. It's irrelevant, anyway, because I've changed my mind about renting out the catbird seat. I used to think it was important to keep things fresh! and new! But now I've decided that I'll rent to anyone I want to read myself. It doesn't matter whether they've been here before. In fact, I put out a special welcome mat for my previous tenants.

So please click on the thumbnail and tell the Glamorous Redneck hello from me.

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