Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Three Smacks for Poppy

I just got reviewed by the Merciless Minx over at I talk 2 much. I got three smacks out of five, which, believe it or not, is pretty good. Sixty percent doesn't sound like much, but a lot of the idiots who ask for reviews get far less. And then, there are the other, "special" awards, like the boot to the head, the rotten fish, and the short bus that I could easily have been rewarded, considering that I regularly commit the following blogging sins:

I have a long-ass sidebar.
My archives and links aren't rolled up.
My sidebar is cluttered and off-center.

Of course, I'm pretty much incapable of doing anything about the way my blog looks. (This is sad, because once upon a time, I did UNIX shell and C programming. But I was getting paid to do it, and therefore, had the time to learn. Now I don't.)

However, there is also the matter of my content. My so-called writing, over which I have total creative control, and which, if you haven't noticed, pretty much sucks a lot of the time because:

I write about housewife shit.
My children get mentioned from time to time. Which makes me a Mommy Blogger.
So does my husband. Which I guess makes me a Wifey Blogger.
I'm not crazy. Or overly depressed. Or anxiety-ridden.
Or poor.
I don't swear very much.
I have two, count 'em, two degrees in English (it was going to be three, but my mommy-blogging hobby cut into my time so much that I didn't finish my dissertation) and it shows. I try not to sound like a pedantic English major, but my punctuation skills give the game away every fucking time.
And in case you haven't noticed--my posts tend to be really, really long.

So naturally, I'm glad the whole reviewing process is over. It's not exactly pleasant, putting my big fat Mommy blogging head on the block. But I recommend it, nevertheless. If you blog, you should definitely submit your blog for a review. It's a little anxiety-producing, and after you submit your blog, the tension builds as you read the other masochists' reviews, but when yours is done, it gives you that great, just-walking-out-of-the-gynecologist's office feeling. Without the K-Y mess.

And three smacks is pretty good. Really. It is. I'm not shitting you about this. (I am not mediocre. You got that, motherfuckers?)

Yay, me! Thanks, Ms Minx! My sidebar will be sporting my "I got smacked!" button before you know it (well, as soon as I figure out how to get it in there.)


  1. Welcome to my sidebar for the week! I will be writing an intro post for you tomorrow morning, unless I'm still alive when I get home from class tonight. Being sick sucks :(

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for linking me in your sidebar, I've never been so excited in my life to see my blog's name over there. When I tried to click on it nothing happened...mean trick. After some psychological counseling I've convinced myself that this is no personal affront to me, and seeing your post today I see now that it is just part of the sidebar difficulties you've mentioned. So in a way it's an honor to be a part of the madness. Thanks!

  3. Nice going poppy! 3 smacks is really good.

  4. Congratulations!
    I like coming here; I like reading your life.
    And I find the proper punctuation refreshing.

  5. Thanks to everyone for your nice comments.

    Especially Bridget, who should have eradicated this particular idiot for typing a - instead of a = in the href line in my links list.

    Which is why the link didn't work. But I fixed it. Your 15 minutes of fame have arrived. Either that, or your guilt-by-association.

  6. Damn right you have some long-ass posts! The good thing is they are easy to read.

    Gosh, you describing yourself as a “mommy blogger” and “wifey blogger” caused me to realize I am a “daddy blogger” and a freakin’ ex “hubby blogger” and new a periodic “bitch about my ex blogger.”


  7. Dude, congrats! I would submit mine (I mean if they gave you THREE, I'd at least get ONE, right?) but I have no fucking idea how to roll up my links or whatever so I fear they'd make me cry. And I get enough of that whenever I look in a mirror.

  8. Would it be unkind of me to say I would so love your background as my laundry room floor tile??

    Congrats on the smackage!! :D

  9. I'd submit, myself, but:

    1- I'm not so keen on submission
    2- Like Badge, I wouldn't know how to roll up links (which sounds like a drug addict in a butcher shop) and I'd think whoever thought this important as unworthy of my bloggy goodness.
    3- I need to shop for shoes.
    4- I fail to see the allure of having just emerged from the Gyn's office.

    Still, 3 smacks is stellar stuff, as it's graded on a curve. What's that mean in the metric system?



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