Thursday, September 07, 2006

You will run away and never come back to read my blog when you discover that I don't know

who shot J.R.

what a nebulizer does.

where Iraq is.

when Oprah is on.

what Pearl Jam sounds like.

Karl Rove's job title.

what cankles are.

why that guy who just got killed by a stingray was famous.

how much is a kilowatthour.

"Poppy, you ignorant slut" I can almost hear you say.

Well, yes, I am. But here's one thing I know; this week's renter has very good taste. See, when you're becoming a scholar, which is something I was doing for far too long, you learn to check people's footnotes. The reasoning being that if you know whom someone cites, you get a sense of where they'll be going with their own work. Also, if the stuff they cite is stupid? Well, stupidity has a way of compounding itself.

I know that footnotes and links are not the same. Still, I think a peek into the links list is worthwhile when I'm trying to decide who this week's tenant should be. Well, kilowatthour has the following in her blogroll: babelbabe, blackbird, (who link to her) and miss doxie, all of whom are great bloggers.

So I figured, anyone with such good taste can hang out with me for a week.

See where it says "No Thumbnail Available?" Could you please give it a click? Check out kilowatthour, and tell her hi from Poppy the Ignorant Slut.


  1. But do you know what Pearl Jam TASTES like? I think that's what we all really want to know.

    I can send you a picture of a cankle.

  2. was Kristin!!! Sue Ellen's little sister who was sleeping with JR!!! I loved that show when I was in high school/college/the city (hey wait - how long did it run)

    And yet, I think the fact that you didn't know this info probably makes you a better person.


  3. I am achieving cankles at this moment. Maybe I should get my butt up and move away from the computer.

    No, too hard. I can live with cankles.

  4. And the REAL question is: is this season of HOUSE really a JR/dream sequence?

    I love Kilowatthour.
    And she is VERY smart.

  5. SO I know SOME of those, but I really don't think I'm any better off than you are!

    Off to see your renter.

  6. thanks for having me! it's good to be in such good, sluttish company.

    (also, i love blackbird! wooo!)

  7. I was in the 5th or 6th grade when JR was shot and when the cliffhanger gunslinger was finally revealed... my whole life was the, "Kristin, why did you shoot JR?!" joke.

    For months.

    I applaud you for not knowing.


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