Friday, October 27, 2006

Where I been, girl!

Because I know you've been wanting to ask me "WHERE YOU BEEN, GIRL?"

And because you're so young, Internet, I thought that rather than tell you, I'd show you. Like a picture book. Except with copyright infringement.

You're so young, Internet. You won't remember the Suzy Homemaker doll

but I always wanted one.

Little did I know that I would become one. With, ooh, look! The dishwasher!
And the washing machine!

So that explains part of where I been. I was playing with my doll and wondering why she wasn't better at doing the laundry and the dishes.

Then there was a trip to Chicago to sing here. In a drawing.

(It's the best I could steal from you, Internet.)

And on another day, another trip to Chicago, to go here

(No, not the skyscraper. The old, pretty building) to look at this

and this

to determine whether it would be good for a cocktail party. For 200 people. (It was thought to be too large.)

And then back home to help my kids learn this:

In this re-enactment of Wednesday afternoon, Poppy Buxom is being played by Pat Morito.

And then last night! Four hours at the local fire station to do this

except in English. Which, you'll be glad to hear, is my first language (although you'd never guess it from this blog.)

And that's where I've been.

Oh, and I forgot one thing--I'm really not here, today, I'm here.

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  1. So Poppy, given your bubbly personality, how come your picture wasn't featured in the Trib's Society Pages Lyric Opera party bit? The Trib needs you!

    My friend Mrs. Perfect knows how to do it. You find the Trib mole and charm her. She alerts her photographers and *BANG* you're in the Trib.

    As Billy Dee Williams said, works every time.


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