Monday, November 20, 2006

3 x 3 = 9

Three days--yesterday, today, tomorrow--in nine words. Yes, nine. Even more terse and vivid than a haiku. Because I'm feeling poetic. And busy.


church, accident,* tow-truck


insurance, conferences, laundry


packing, airport, Thanksgiving

* The only person hurt was my cute little green Passat station wagon. Which is majorly dinged, considering that I was maybe going 20 miles an hour when a car came out of nowhere and planted itself in my path. And the moral of the story is ? Do not rear-end a Sherman Tank Mercedes Benz.


  1. I knew a guy with a body shop and he said that you're never even GOING 20 when you hit someone like that - you are going 7.

    All that crumpling means you are safe, that's the upside.

    Go to New Hampsha and EAT!

  2. oohhh! poor little passat! i'm glad you're okay, though. hugs.

  3. Ouch!

    Glad you're OK, though...that's more important.


  4. I second Joke's sentiment.

    Except if you'd have been driving a MINI like me you'd have been able to go around him. Just... thought I'd throw that in there...


  5. I am so stealing this.

    Sorry about the car!

  6. You need to drive a ridiculously large truck like I do, then you could have just run right over that Benz. It's their fault for getting in your way.


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