Saturday, January 13, 2007

Before, meet After

This is the kitchen before:

The horror; the horror.

And this--not exactly the right angle, and I think the camera lens is smudged, and Lord knows you don't need to see all the food out all over the island, or my lovely dish towels hanging off the stove--is after:

Kitchen in New Castle at Christmas time

Here is another After picture. Except it's also a Before picture. This is the pies and cranberry compote and chocolates before they were demolished--arranged in the new bay window, above the new hardwood floor, and near the new chairs that are pretending to be old.

Pie to how many places?


And here is the After picture of the Thanksgiving pies, all ruined and desolate-looking. And sort of messy. (What's the Scotch doing there?) But I order you to be impressed, because everything on an island. With a black granite top.

Yes! I have an island and granite counters. I don't care that they're a cliche; it's the first time for me. And now you know how very, very ooh la la fancy I'd like to think I am, but really am not, because see the stove top? It's electric. And it only has four burners. No chef in his right mind would touch it.

Also the cabinets aren't custom. They're semi-custom MDF.

(If you know what that means, you're spending way too much time thinking about kitchens.)


  1. Very nice.

    It's good to know that even with the fancy nice kitchen, clothing is still optional just beyond.

  2. you're getting glare from the flash bouncing back into the lens (just enough)...the top photo is fine

  3. I am oh-so-envious!

    My kitchen still has metal cabinets with immobile shelves that are too short to fit cereal boxes, and green formica counters--both circa the late 50s-- and no dishwasher (other than me).

    When my mother was visiting a couple of years ago, one of the cabinet doors fell off, and I still haven't figured out where I might find a replacement pivot hinge (if they even make them any more) or how to fix the damn thing. The door continues to sit on the floor behind the recycling bin, patiently awaiting repair.

    Perhaps one day I'll post photos of the absolute horror of it all. I'd love to remodel, but as far as $$ priorities go, hey, at least the kitchen works and is usable!

    Sadly, fixing the gutter & replacing the basement door takes financial precedence. I don't want to vacuum up any more water from the basement.

    My bathroom needs a re-do, as well. It's probably next in line, since part of the floor has developed an alarming soft spot that needs attention.

    Oh, the never-ending joys of being a home owner...

  4. I SPENT too much time thinking about kitchens -
    I'm on bathrooms now.

    It's a vacation home = mdf.

  5. Well, I like it. And I'm jellus of your granite countertops. Because I want some, too. That's one of three things I'd change about my kitchen (thing two: move the microwave above the range and put in a second oven; thing three: enlarge the island).

  6. Nice Job!
    Nice pies, too.

    We're doing this next (the kitchen, not the pies). Pray for me.

  7. Lovely kitchen! I've had an island for years but it will be two years in March that we had the kitchen redo and the granite countertops. What a marvelous invention and so easy to clean.

  8. Looks great. You must enjoy the extra space with the new cabinets up high over the fridge and microwave.

    Andrew (To Love, Honor, and Dismay)

  9. I want granite countertops.

    And some pumpkin pie.

    AND a bottle of Laphroiag.


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