Friday, January 12, 2007 is simplicity that is difficult to make.

I've been putting Christmas stuff away. There are no signs of Christmas whatsoever on the front porch, yay! And only one left in the living room:

Unfortunately, it's a big one.

The dining room is pretty clear, except for the 12 Days of Christmas hanging off the chandelier.

Does anyone notice a trespasser?

Where it all goes downhill is the kitchen. Someone--I name no names--got this far and then ran out of steam.

And then? Blogged about it.

Because I may not be able to deal with the vast quantities of Christmas-y stuff, but I still have enough steam for blogging. And once in a while, you guys deserve to get more pictures

The first clothes I bought for my son. I was pregnant with him, and we had had lunch in Chinatown. Both of my children wore these ... and now, every year, they're on the Christmas tree.

And fewer words.

I save all the children's school-made Christmas ornaments

For more words, check out Mamarazzi. Today I made fun of Angelina. Yes, again. Mocking Angelina is like decorating a Christmas tree: it's best when you pile it on.


  1. Is that a monkey from the Barrel of Monkeys? Cool.

    --considering hanging plastic monkeys on next year's tree--

  2. I haven't even thought about taking the tree down. I'd like to finish unpacking from my trip to the 'rents know, getting to the bottom of the inane stocking gifts...loved the pictures.

    My thing is, if I take the tree down, (it's a tabletop fake one) then the table top will get covered with stuff again. Maybe I should get a Valentine's Day tree...

  3. I love those little shoes, what a clever idea.

    My tree is down but only because it was seriously turning into a fire hazard. Also, my OCD kicked in.

  4. Good eye, KathyR! Yes, I found one of the monkeys lying around somewhere and added him to the rest of the chandelier ornaments.

    Sneakahs: Note the full, fresh, bright green appearance of my tree. It's because it's a fake, so like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, it's the last to go.

    BB: One of these days I'll post photographs of my kids wearing the little Chinese slippers. I look at those shoes and and simply can't believe they ever fit anyone's feet, let alone my Yeti.


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