Monday, March 05, 2007

Envy me

for my powers of whining. Because apparently in this blog, I have, without trying, invented a potent cocktail that will, if you imbibe enough of it, cause you to give me what I want.

For example:

My son wanted a Wii for Christmas. I tried (not all that hard, I'll admit it--does browsing the internet count?) and failed to get one for him.

Reasoning that it was inevitable that the supply of Wiis would increase, capitalism being the way it is, I decided to bide my time. Surely right after Christmas the stores would begin to bulge with Wiis. In fact, a vast flood of them would threaten to engulf us all. (Remember Tickle Me Elmo? Cabbage Patch dolls?)

So my son got a gift certificate from Santa Claus, with the promise of a Wii by his birthday.

Well, his birthday is in April. And still no Wiis are to be found. (Not that I've gotten off my fat ass to actually go out and look for one, mind you. But internet searches and the occasional phone call to Best Buy are coming up with zero.)

And then, yesterday, when I was at church for four hours, not praying for a Wii (because I was too busy praying for forgiveness of your sins. Yes, yours, and yours, too) Blackbird was emailing me to tell me that she had bought a Wii, and if I wanted it, she'd send it to me.

Check her blog for the gory details of the getting up before dawn and the waiting in line at her local Target. I mean, how nice is she????

(You'll need to scroll down past all those pictures of Anne Hathaway needing better underwear.)

So. While any fool can tell that this blog is 99 percent drivel, the lesson to learn is this: don't knock drivel. Apparently, lots of drivel + whining + extremely short paragraphs = your own personal shopper providing you with exactly what you want. And even shipping it to your front door. So you really don't ever need to tear yourself away from your laptop.





  1. Tie dye?
    Neither you
    nor me.

    I'm not THAT nice you know.

  2. Blackbird is a goddess!

    Let's see...who has a spare mink coat (perfect condition, dramatically reduced) in my size?

  3. Well, I could have told you that. Because this one time, I really wanted some books, and so I blogged about it, and this really swell pal of mine sent me some! It was awesome!

    Wait, have you heard this one before?

  4. It definitely rings a bell, badger.

    And Sarah, I have a mink in the right size, but I'm not as nice as blackbird, so I'm keeping it.

    And blackbird, you are too that nice.


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