Tuesday, March 20, 2007

If you're feeling like shit / And you need a quick lift / Caffeine

I'm completely freaking out over EVERYTHING, but especially over other people's caffeine levels. Or the lack thereof.

Blackbird says she hasn't had caffeine in 22 years. That's a long time. I haven't known how to drive a car that long, but I've been driving around like the bat in the adage for a fairly long stretch, and always in a highly caffeinated state, or at the very least, wishing I were. I cannot imagine doing without for 22 years.

Then there's Joke, who claims to always drink espresso. With which, frankly, I can't be bothered. The cups are so small. The coffee, while robust in aroma, is frankly, pallid as to caffeine level. And the whole experience is over so soon. You might as well try to stay awake by sniffing the aroma from someone else's cup.

How on earth do they get anything done?

Me, I've got fifty-million things to do, and I'm pumping seriously heavy mugs of coffee to try to keep up with at least some portion of my to-do list. Which at the moment, includes the following:

1. Do laundry, empty refrigerator, tidy house, pack for Spring break.
2. Don't forget the sunscreen.
3. Do any of my spring clothes fit?
4. Crash diet time.
5. Where are our bathing suits?
6. Passports!!!!!!
7. Oh my GOD is it too late to call Disney and book shore leave or whatever they call it?
8. The Jokes are going to join us in Disney World. But are we going to eat any meals together? Probably not, since no one has called Disney Dining to book tables for eight incredibly noisy people--HEY--at least seven of which are not I, so don't look at me, OK?
9. Fundraiser 1: review invitation copy; deal with invitation list; deal with caterer.
10. Fundraiser 2: compose invitation copy, find sample invitation that has been lost for weeks, find similarly lost check from corporate donor, freak out, nag committee members to do their jobs.
11. Inform all teachers who scheduled tests for Friday that (neener neener!) my son and daughter won't be here to take them.
12. Tidy house again so the turtle sitter won't think I'm a slob.
13. Book eyebrow and leg wax, manicure, pedicure, shampoo and blow out for Wednesday morning.
14. Freak out some more.
15. And then some more, for good measure.

You can see why I marvel over other people's lack of caffeine consumption. And that's exactly what I'm doing right now, while drinking yet another mug of coffee, and blogging like a squirrel on crack.


  1. Caffiene is good--if there's chocolate involved, oh the much better. I'm here under a truck of books, and about 15 minutes ago, I had to stop for chocolate. Because, it helps those neurotransmitters, I'm sure of it. Plus, Raisinets have fruit antioxidents and that's gotta be healthy for me...

    Have a great spring break!!

  2. I have been off caffeine for almost as long as Blackbird. I don't miss it. I just drink more booze so that when I'm sober, I feel positively perky!

    You need a passport to get into Disney World now? Wow, they have tightened things up since we were there in December!

  3. I take my caffeine cold & bubbly.

    I grew up in a household that didn't drink coffee at all. I never even tasted coffee until I was in college.

    However, my mother bought Tab by the case and used to drink a couple of six packs every day. There was one point when she drank Tab, my sister drank Diet Pepsi (*retch*), and I drank Pepsi Light ('cuz the lemon).

    My mother and I both drink Diet Coke now, and my sister has moved on to Diet Mountain Dew, which supposedly has the highest caffeine of any soda on Earth.

    She and my mother are serious enough caffeine addicts that they can swig a can of their caffeinated beverages of choice at 11pm and then roll over and fall asleep.

    If I drink caffeine past 7pm, I will be awake until at least 3 or 4am, delicate, fragile flower that I am.

    Have fun at WDW!

  4. Try drinking a mug's volume of espresso (4-5 shots). Or, do as I do, have a 1-button-instant-java machine and you have something utterly devoid of wateriness.

    Check the time stamp,


    P.S. Email me your thoughts on WDW dining.

  5. Where do sophisticates go for Spring Break? Disney World!

    It's true. It's also true that, over Spring Break, Earth tilts a bit because of all the Northerners' weight settling on Florida.

    Enjoy! Say HI to Joke!


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