Thursday, March 29, 2007

Live blogging from Orlando airport. Again.

You know, I'm sort of a Pollyanna type, so my first reaction to dealing with adversity is to find the bright side.

Now the dark side of my situation is that lately, I've been spending an unbelievable amount of time in airports. Even though hanging around in airports is not my idea of Spring Break Bliss.

On the other hand, hanging around the Orlando airport is affording me the opportunity to drink Cafe con Leche and eat quesitos. Which is nice. And with luck, the fat and sugar calories will decide that what happens in the airport stays in the airport.

Although even the Pollyanna in me suspects that those calories are going to climb onto my ass and ride back to Chicago with me.


  1. Poppy, I am so stealing your bit about calories and what happens in...stays in...

    Have a good trip home, Pollyanna.

    p.s. Whoa. My word verification is - no lie - smegma.

  2. OK, that really had better stay at the airport.

    Thank God I'm home now, with easy access to the many bottles of bleach I'll need to use to rid my brain of that image.

  3. oh, glad to hear you are home!!


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