Monday, June 11, 2007

Don't hate me because I'm spoiled rotten.

Cue Alice Cooper: tomorrow is the last day of school.

In the afternoon we're going to Paris.


  1. I couldn't hate you if I tried.

    Have a swell time...and report back if you get a chance.

  2. Poppy,
    Have a marvelous time! We expect pictures galore, of course, plus tales of d'artagnesque derring do,
    and perhaps stories of the occasional plate of amazing food:) Hate you? Naaah. Jealous? You bet!


  3. Have a great time! Bring back croissants! Send for me if you feel the need for a Parisian girl's night out!

  4. It would be cool if you blogged from there!

    Jesus... am I pathetic or what?

  5. I'm SO envious! Have a great trip and take lots of photos. Bon voyage!!!

  6. Paris Blog! We will need a Paris blog! I envy you, but would not join you even if it was dumped on my lap off a silver platter. I could not be dragged onto a plane unless I was dead. And even then I am sure I would find some way to kick someone where it hurts and still get away.


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