Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I'm packing. Not just my clothes, of course, but my children's, too.

And then I thought--hey, people are going to expect pictures. (They won't get them, but they'll expect them.) So I'd better, you know, charge the camera. And try to remember how it works. And upload all the pictures that are already on the memory card so I don't get to Paris only to discover that the memory is full.

So. Here.

And I'll just say this really fast and then go away for a week: I found a ton of pictures from Spring Break that I had totally forgotten about. So don't expect to be seeing shots of Paris any time soon.

Back to packing. Bye!


  1. c'est très utile

  2. Safe travels!

    The rest of us will hold down the fort while you gallivant around Paris... grumble, grumble, grumble.

  3. Okay everybody: Poppy's leaving. On your stations: are you ready, at the double, blog. We have to fill her absence: she'll be missed, but at least we can mimic her output!

    Have a lovely trip!

  4. Have a fantabulous time - but hurry back, okay?

  5. um, make that "revoir"... that last "r" is nice...

    sigh - see, i can't even be snarky jealous right... let me just go ahead and wish you safe travels. ;-)

  6. She better be planning on finding some ultra cool Parisian cyber-cafe to blog from at LEAST ONCE while she's gone!!


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